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Halim seed oil has multitude of benefits for the hair including treating baldness and hair loss, due to its
high natural antioxidant properties with Vitamins A&E. This oil also strengthens the roots of the hair,  treats dryness and itchiness of the scalp. It also protects the hair from split ends and supports lengthening hair. 
A lot of individuals suffer from hair loss because of iron deficiency anaemia. They are a rich source of iron and folic acid. Halim seeds contain good amounts of folic acid and iron and benefit people with alopecia/male pattern baldness.


Halim seeds, vetiver roots, hibiscus, rosemary and Brahmi. 

Directions to use:
Take some oil, rub it onto your palms and run your
hands through the length of your hair. Massage
your hair and scalp for about 10-15 minutes.
comb your hair so that the oil spreads evenly
and then tie your hair. Let the oil penetrate into
your scalp for 2 hours. 

Net Quantity - 30 ML/per bottle

For all hair type 



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